Weed² & Feed Mulch

• Environmentally safe colorants
• Lasts six months
• Prevents new weeds
• Feeds the plants

Natures Reflection's Weed² & Feed colored mulch, created by Mulch Manufacturing, is made from pure virgin wood fiber and environmentally safe Nature's Reflections colorant. This colorant has been produced to contain two highly efficient pre-emergent weed control herbicides along with a fertilizer to enhance growth. The control will last for six months.

The weed control chemicals, Gallery® and Dimension®, made by Dow AgroSciences®, are highly effective weed control products. They have been combined with the colorant to provide an even distribution throughout the contents of the bag and a time release feature which will control new broad leaf, weeds and some grasses as listed on the label.

The colorant, along with the associated weed preventer, weed control, and fertilizer is impregnated into the wood fibers to insure long lasting color and maximum benefits from the weed control chemicals and fertilizer.

Your choice of red, brown, or black colors. Available in 2 Cu. Ft. (56L) bag sizes.

Bag Size
2 CuFt

Pallets per load may vary due to weight of product and/or size of trailer. Minimum order is a full load for all products, or a half load if a match can be found nearby.

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