Softscape Golden

Nature's Reflections Softscape is revolutionary new mulch that will enhance the beauty of your home and give your landscape that finishing touch. Softscape beautifies any landscaping project with its unique soft texture made only from natural forest products, free from any containment. Softscape has been color enhanced with environmentally safe colorants to provide season long color retention long after other mulches fade and turn grey. Softscape is also gentle on hands and feet and safe for kids and pets. Softscape further allows water and air to penetrate to the soil and roots, unlike many other types of mulch that compact and smother plant roots from water, nutrients, and oxygen vital to plant growth. We think you will agree that Softscape is unlike any other type of mulch you have used before.

Bag Size
4 CuFt
2 CuFt

Natural Forest Product, Season-Long Color Retention, Soft Texture, Beautiful Pine Straw Look