Cedar Mulch

Cedar Mulch comes from the west coast area and is made from the finest western red cedar. Cedar Rose is made from the whole tree. This product is the finest cedar mulch available.

Cedar Royale is an "All Bark" shredded mulch that has very little cambium or wood content.

Cedar Royale has a nutural reddish brown color which accents any landscape planting. It has a very slow decay process that extens the life of this ground cover and helps prevent the depletion of nitrogen from the soil, which is critical to young plantings.

This super grade "A" mulch is made from, as the name implies, western red cedar bark. We carefully screen this mulch to reduce wood fiber and enhance the rich brown color. This mulch is long lasting and has great color retention. Available in 3 Cu. Ft. (84L) and 2 Cu. Ft. (42L) bags.

Bag Size
3 CuFt
2 CuFt

Pallets per load can vary due to weight of product and size of trailer. Minimum order is a full load for all products, or a half load if a match can be found nearby.